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„All those cards on the bulletin board
  in our meetings...“

„Removing the pin,
  moving the card,
  replacing the pin...“

„Finally you have to take photos,
  write down everything,
  send mails with hughe attachments...“

„Not me, anymore. Riseboarding.
  Meetings the productive way.
  And even the protocol is sent
  with just one click.“

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For all of you,

juggling information,

developing ideas,

working with knowledge

and collaborating with others.

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Collect ideas with ease

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structure, form & enhance your ideas

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Gain insights & optimize results

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Collaborate online

Share protocols online

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  Everyone has his own style.“

„Sure, you always have
  to get together, physically.“

„One of you has to
  summarize everything for the group.
  And everyone needs to
  think things over again.“

„Not me, anymore. Riseboarding.
  Reveals ideas.
  Ready to be specified,
  qualified and transformed into a project.“

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Develop ideas together.

Plan projects.

Make your knowledge available. Anytime. Anywhere

Model, calculate, evaluate.

Riseboarding: Makes things easier.

Riseboarding - Improve your ideas

Professional free of charge until the end of the year!  Corona has changed a lot and forces us to go to the home office and to stay away from many important, dear people and friends. Remote Work is the topic of the hour and online tools are discussed, tested and used.

We want to bring people closer together these days: Online. Work together with the riseboard on projects - business or private. Find new collaborators, develop ideas together, create something new! We register you directly in Professional / 100MB - free of charge until the end of the year. After that you can renew or simply not use the riseboard anymore. No credit card needed, no automatic renewal. Simply riseboard for free until the end of the year!

Register now!


Riseboard® will help you develop ideas and concepts for projects, you will improve group work and meetings, you collect and use existing knowledge and can so help improve your company ... Riseboard® is the drawing board for your ideas. With it you can work efficiently with your knowledge and your ideas without losing track. The Riseboard quickly generates new ideas and so spurns further ideas, projects and knowledge pools. With Riseboard® you can work alone or together with others. This creates new perspectives which in turn generate more drive to tackle tasks and improve your results. Riseboarding makes many things easier, clearer and faster compared with the tools we have used in the past like mind maps , bulletin boards and paperboards. And to add to that - it's fun.



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